Friday, March 12, 2010

Julia's & Kris' Use of Words

This is just too much fun NOT to share!!!

These words were first used by Julia and Kris at some of our benchmark parties! The first unusual word I saw our lovely Julia (Facebook fan page: JuliaPeculiar) use was "FABAROONY"... LOL!!! What a fun word!!! Mark (Facebook fan page: Spinland Studios) liked it so much, that he made a banner out of it and shared it with us! Heh! Little did he know that he started something! =) Another night, Julia used, "MEGARRIFIC!" WOW! Great ways to describe different benchmark accomplishments! How many times can you say, "Great job" and "Way to go"... this was better –fun and comical, too!... And Mark made another banner!

A few nights later and our party gal, Kris (Facebook fan page: Aprons by MeMe) was using "FANALICIOUS!" Another one!!! LOL! A little later... Julia said, "ULTRA GROOVETASTIC!"

We're looking for more fun words to come! We're just having too much fun with this whole #linklove REVOLUTION!!!

If you're not familiar with our #linklove benchmark parties! Join us! We celebrate 100, 200, 300, Facebook fans, Twitter & Blog follwers and Etsy Hearts!!! Every hundred is a benchmark and we like to party and celebrate these network benchmarks with the #linklove "CELEBRATEES!" We party every night between 7:00 and 8:00 PM EST!!! It's a great way to get to know others and celebrate their benchmarks with praise, encouragement and inspiration! Every night on Facebook (!

The fantastic word banners in the slide show were created by Mark with Spinland Studios! Thank you so much, Mark! LOL! You know there's more to come! At least, I hope so! =)